IT, Homepage-related plan & produce It is touch panel-style guidance.
Guidance of the outdoor that even though the beginner including usage of the camping equipment and the assembling method of the tent can enjoy.
Exhibition use Exhibition use

Animation contents for exhibitions.

It will be brought "sense of security" and "the confidence" for the product, service by conveying how to use product and the details of service contents, usability with large screen and a monitor clearly.
Digital catalogue Digital catalogue
The digital catalogue which movement and the sound that was not able to express by the catalogue of the paper can express. It will print out a necessary part and can convert it into HP.
Classbook (graduation album) Classbook (graduation album)
Did you know?
Even as for the thing of the senior, the photograph reflected in the scene of the graduation ceremony is a thing with the conventional album, because it is analog, there is not a way. But after all ... wants one's reflected album. This CD album to have begun production with such an idea. The classbook which oneself whom digital enabled was reflected in.
3-year important memory revives by Flash animated and an animation colorfully then in popular BGM.
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CG・3D production Are you satisfied as previous one?
We can express an atmosphere and feel of a material more realistically if it use 3D.
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