catalogues It is each face, the


such as company profile or a product, handout become grounds of the reliability. The thing which met requirements necessary that required the printed matter which person in charge to want to make a catalogue is beautiful, and understandable, but also to be a good sales will be required. We suggest the "catalogue which result appears"
of the high quality to a purpose by contents, a shape, the design
which we accepted while our thinking about the voice of the client
to the first, and sharing an aim.
Pamphlet Total coordinate from a plan to print with the brochure which it is the face of the company, and conveys service and a product of your company attractively, In addition, we suggest that new concept design, constitution. We draw a good point and the strength of a company, service, and the product to the maximum to grasp the demand of the visitor well, and to see itmore attractively.We do the suggestion of an effective brochure
leading to "result".
Leaflet It is necessary to have at first be interested to connect a product, service of your company with an order. It is simple, and it to be kept, as the means, the leaflet is used widely. We suggest the leaflet of the most effective expression method depending on "the strong layout of the first impact getting for a hand to a customer", contents including "the expression that contents are easy to read, and is easy to bring the charm of a product, the service".
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Poster The use of the poster including the notice of the campaign, invitation, offer advertisement and admiration use goes over to many divergences from the advertising of a product and the service. A lot of seen scenes are often placed again along with competitors by a long distance, as for the poster, the design = "strong layout of the first impact" to impress it with an image at first sight is effective. We consider the situation of the point to establish enough and suggest the poster which is about quality.
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Histogram The pictogram represented by an emergency exit, a restroom and wheelchair are made with a thing called "decorated letter" "picture words" as an international language that the different person of the language watches the picture and knows anything and there is many it in various facilities and is used.
Would you produce an original pictogram?
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Handbill(flier)・DM The handbill(flier) has much use frequency, and the new opening of the store, various campaigns, a new product, the supplies including the new service guidance etc. It is in a more effective handbill(flier) by taking approach after having decided a place, an area, a target. We make a certain "power to pull in customers", "power to stir purchasing will" form as a design for the purpose of maximum of handbill, DM and suggest attractive, effective handbill, DM.
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Postcard A postcard that is convenient for a sales promotion tool, and is simple or a celebration, thanks, greetings, a notice are usable in various ways; take you, and produce glad postcards in original illustration, Photo.
Would you straight to the heart in a postcard?
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Book, Publication, Editing, Production We support history of a company editing, a memory magazine, a novel, a collection of essays, a songbook, a collection of pictures, a collection of photographs for total from planning to coverage, a copywriting, a layout design, editing.
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Exhibition booth design We produce the plan of the exhibition booth and the product in totally that design display, decoration, construction, explanation panel, brochure and novelty goods etc.
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Novelty goods design We grasp the needs of the client well and produce sales promotion novelty goods for pulling in customers visiting rate improvement. 
Not only the novelty goods of the event, but also we can help a sales promotion things for business, the souvenir of the company event, a small present of the store opening.
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