Our handling of the Privacy Policy

Our business are handled various media including printed matter, and information to take from a client deals with various personal information. Therefore, in us, advocate personal information protection and fix the regime in conformity with "the law about the protection of the personal information" and that for appropriate protection of the personal information. In addition, about the personal information that we hold, we establish "a privacy policy" to advocate as follows.

Our management of the Privacy Policy

Our deals with various information such as company information, the personal information, and our business to be formed to various mediums mainly on design business. We declare "privacy policy" as follows to carry out appropriate protection and management for the personal information that we acquired as our policy.
  1. We respect personal dignity and, after the observance, we perform an appropriate privacy policy and establish the concrete office rule about the administration and act as the laws and ordinances about the privacy policy, the guidance that a country establishes, other models and social order for appropriate safety management and protection of the personal information that we acquire.
  2. We are determined a use purpose of the personal information and uses the acquisition of the personal information by a fair and appropriate method in a necessary limit for achievement of purpose and we provide it and take measures not to use the purpose outside.
  3. About the personal information that we handle, we perform prophylaxis for unjust access, a leak, destruction or the damage, and we take appropriate measures about the correction.
  4. When we are given duties to deal with personal information than client company in trust, it deals with personal information in the sphere of business given in trust, and we manage the personal information that is enough so that we can deposit client company in peace.
  5. We maintain the system for personal information protection in the company, and we manage this as an effective thing and try for the continuous improvement of the privacy policy.
  Enforcement date: March 1st 2007
Revision Date : September 1st 2013

Ekusu Co., Ltd.

President: Yoshinori Nagao